15th August
Silk Painting in Nature with Andrew Wynne

Lamport Masterclasses present…

Silk Painting in Nature
10am – 5pm, Saturday 15th August 2020

The workshop focuses on the diverse and expressive use of Silk Painting as a contemporary art form to create nature themed imagery for uniquely individualised artworks, inspired by the gardens at Lamport.

We will be exploring many traditional painting techniques as well as a more contemporary twist to this textile art using vibrant resists and dyes.
A relaxed but structured workshop environment with ongoing demonstrations and examples of the tutors’ work, visual and written resources and a hands-on practical approach.

Learners will be encouraged to work at their own pace, encouraging experimentation on several sampler pieces before working on final pieces. The gardens at Lamport Hall will be open and accessible for learners to take their inspiration from.

Bookings are strictly by full payment in advance at £75.00 per person, payable by cheque or bank transfer.

Price: £75.00 per person

Booking essential: www.andrewwynne.co.uk or 07791887989 /andrewwynne@cheverton.plus.com