24th June
Photography with Peter Hallam


Explore Your Camera Part 2 – Advanced Skills
10am-4pm, 24th June 2017

Lamport Masterclasses present a one day, advanced skills photography course with Peter Hallam. Build on our Get off Auto workshop with lots of hands-on photography throughout the day. We’ll guide you through the key features of your camera and new techniques to help you become more creative. Take home detailed handouts and exercises that you can try again later, to perfect your skills and ensure you get the very best from your day.

Action photography from children at play to sports and panning for motorsport shots
Creative use of movement, e.g. capturing the power of waterfalls
Manual Mode – how and when to use it
How changing perspective can dramatically change your shots
Backlit images and using your built-in flash
How to cope in low light and other difficult conditions
Understanding image stabilisation/VR, lenses, extension tubes and converters.
Cameras: DSLR, Mirrorless Compact System, Four-Thirds, Bridge, Superzoom.

Commencing in the classroom, taking an in-depth look at your camera, followed by two hands-on photography sessions to put what you’ve learned into practice, and finally back to the classroom to discuss your images with plenty of time for your questions.

A maximum of 10 students per tutor.

Previous Experience: to get the most from this workshop, you should have attended our Explore Your Camera Part 1 workshop or be familiar with the use of Aperture Priority, Exposure Compensation and ISO.

Booking essential: http://www.goingdigital.co.uk