2nd December, Batik Portraits with Andrew Wynne

Batik Portraits 2

Batik Portraits
10am-4pm, 2nd December

Lamport Masterclasses present a unique and exciting workshop using successive applications of wax resist, dyes and discharge processes to create unique portraits.
Learners will create several sampler cloths as well as working towards a finished piece. Ideal for creating that special work of a loved one, a friend or favourite star.

The works are created from manipulated digital images from photographs, which effectively breaks down the tonal values which are then easily and effectively replicated with the batik process.
Think of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe prints or the iconic Che Guevara and you get the picture!
Suitable for beginners as well as learners who wish to acquire and further develop new skills and knowledge.

Booking essential: www.andrewwynne.co.uk