15th June
The Country House Between the Wars

The Country House Between the Wars
15 June 2018


One day conference with the University of Buckingham.

The resurgence of interest in the country house between the wars suggests this is a good moment to bring together some of the latest and most exciting research on the period. Our speakers will attempt to challenge the traditional narrative of decline, destruction and despair that has played such a large part in our perceptions of a subject still clouded in Downton-esque myth and caricatured as a world of stiff upper lips and film-star smiles. In their different ways, the speakers in this conference will present us with an alternative vision of the country house during what they will argue was one of the most creative and dynamic periods in its history.


  • Adrian Tinniswood, ‘The Country House Between the Wars: New Perspectives’
  • Oliver Cox, ‘Christopher Hussey, Dorothy Stroud and Capability Brown: Writing Country House Histories Between the Wars’
  • Simon Murray, ‘The National Trust and the Country House in the 1930s’
  • Alan Powers, ‘Caves of Ice: Dining Rooms and Bathrooms in Inter-War Houses’
  • Jane Stevenson, ‘Inter-War Baroque and the English Country House’


Booking essential: https://www.buckingham.ac.uk/event/the-country-house-between-the-wars-1918-1939/