Bird Survey

In recent months a volunteer has monitored the number of different bird species on the Estate for the British Trust for Ornithology. Some 56 species were spotted, including two red kites and tree sparrows (now a very uncommon bird). An osprey was sighted flying overhead – presumably on a fishing trip to nearby Pitsford Reservoir.

There are also several nesting boxes sited across the Estate, which volunteers help to monitor.

Pollination Study

A pollination study undertaken by the University of Northampton is taking place in the gardens. Solitary bee boxes were erected last year on the south facing wall of the walled garden and all of them were utilised. It is hoped that the boxes will be used again this year. Results from the study show that the gardens at Lamport contain eleven of the twelve native species of bumble bee. A bumble bee mix is being planted in the walled garden to try to increase the bee population and hopefully attract the missing species.